Need help with bookkeeping, payroll or taxes? Tired of keeping the books? Don’t want to hire someone in-house? Want an actual CPA to prepare your personal tax return but don’t like giving your money to large corporations or waiting in offices? Bluegrass Bean Counter is here to help!

Bluegrass Bean Counter is an online based accounting firm that utilizes QuickBooks Online and technology to streamline your bookkeeping process and make it more affordable to you. As a small business owner your time is better spent doing what you do best…running your small business, not going home at night and getting caught up on your books, leave that to the professionals.

At Bluegrass Bean Counter we specialize in online bookkeeping because we have found it to be the most efficient, affordable and easiest way to keep clients books up to date. We will work with you to get your books caught up, maintain them, prepare monthly reconciliations and communicate with both your payroll provider and your tax accountant (or better yet let us prepare your tax return!).

Please check out the different services we offer for more information and our blog if you want to learn a little bit more about us and how we came to be!

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